Thursday, October 21, 2010

What are You Doing Here?

I get very suspicious when the rabbit is freely roaming the apartment if I can’t hear him.  Most of the time, this means he’s found a fun place to nap.  But sometimes, it means he’s getting into trouble.  When he’s in this quiet mode, I have to go on a pretty intense hunt around the apartment, and I usually end up finding him in the last place I would expect.  Here is a list of all the weird places that I’ve found him spending time being unusually quiet:

  • Lying behind a large, decorative mirror
  • Trapped inside an empty moving box (he tried to jump on it, but it was open on the top)
  • Sitting in a decorative bowl in the bedroom
  • Underneath various tables, probably chewing the wooden legs
  • Romping through a folded up mattress pad
  • Sitting in a puddle of water from a cup he knocked over
  • Sniffing behind the refrigerator
  • Squished underneath the lower kitchen cabinets, between a large moving box and the wall, taking a nap
  • Sitting on top of a pile of towels in an unpacked moving box
  • On top of the dining room table
  • Inside the closet where I keep his food, bedding, and litter
  • Stuck between the couch back and the couch cushions
  • Burrowing between both couch cushions

 It’s only been ten days! I can’t imagine where else I’ll find this wacky rabbit in the apartment.

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