Friday, October 8, 2010

Snuggle Bunny?

Either Walter feels like he’s been neglected by his mama lately, or he’s entered a new, cuddly phase of his life.  After running some post-work errands yesterday, I came home and let the rabbit out of his cage.  Walter’s usual routine is to clean himself before exiting his habitat, hop out and acknowledge my presence briefly, and then begin his circuit of sleeping under the couch and exploring the apartment.  But last night was different.

After his quick grooming session, he hopped out of the cage and stopped for a few forehead scratches.  He lowered his head to the ground and began grinding his teeth, so I knew he was happy to be receiving the rubs.  A few pets later and Walter’s entire body essentially melted onto the floor until he was completely transformed into a puddle of bunny affection, nudging for more rubs if I stopped for even a split second.

This makes me think of a tweet I received from a friend of mine on the day before I brought Walter home:
“Bunnies are like that when they're little. They just want to lick and love on you; then they develop an attitude lol”
Is this affectionate, loving version of Walter just a phase? Should I be enjoying it while it lasts?  Am I doomed to a life of rabbit grumpiness?  I certainly hope not.  I’m enjoying this sweet side of Walter, but I do feel bad when I can’t sit with him for hours on end, just giving him cheek rubs.

I suppose this is the part about rabbits that is more humanlike than doglike: the ability to change moods and attitudes.  One day he’s licking my sweatpants as his attempt at grooming me, and then next day he’s pretending I don’t even exist.  Rabbits can be so fickle!


  1. Hihi, when my Leo was a baby, he loved to snuggle with me. Now that he is older, he gives me nose bumps whenever I try to cuddle him. Those little fluffy balls have a mind of their own ;-)

  2. Try to spends time with him on the floor, just lying down flat, at his level, I think that would help establish a long lasting playtime bond.

  3. Anonymous - I agree 100% about lying down on his level! That was one of the very first things I did when I brought him home, and I still do it every day. It definitely helps to establish a bonding relationship with your bunny!