Friday, September 3, 2010


So, how exactly did I become a rabbit owner? The answer is simple: I love having a pet.

I grew up with dogs and have very fond memories of playtime and snuggle time with man’s best friend. I’ve always loved them for the companionship and the easy entertainment they provide, but I live in an apartment and sometimes keep hours that are not fair to a dog’s bladder. So I started exploring other pet options. I’m allergic to cats, fish don’t provide the same type of companionship, and I found birds and rodents to not be quite my style. And then, I stumbled upon the idea of owning a rabbit. Rabbits, I read, are social and interactive. You can litter train them. And on top of that, they are adorable.

But, adorable or not, I needed to do my research. So, I read every piece of information I could find, I researched breeds, considered adopting versus buying from a breeder, and made sure I had the space and finances to keep a rabbit happy and healthy. After all that, I decided it would work. And that’s when I found my “wascally wabbit,” Walter – a Holland Lop who will be seven months old in September.

But even as prepared as I felt, rabbit ownership was – and still is – surprising at every turn. That’s why I’ve created this blog. I hope to create a community of rabbit-owners and lovers, find some answers for my own bunny questions, and hopefully provide some entertainment as I try to navigate through the bizarre world of owning a rabbit.

Before I go on, let me explain this blog’s title. “Noozles and bonks” may sound like a nonsense phrase, but for my family, it was a nighttime ritual. I have a sister who is six years younger than me. Growing up, she never settled for a simple kiss goodnight from our mother and father. Instead, she created “noozles and bonks.” Noozles are simple nose rubs, while bonks are great onomatopoeias – it simply means bumping two foreheads together, creating a great “bonk!” sensation. Noozles and bonks always went hand in hand. We never did one without the other, and every night without fail, this is how we would tell my sister goodnight.

I chose this for the name of my blog because each morning, Walter greets me with a delightful noozle to say hello. Every evening, upon my return home from work, I receive another furry noozle. And right before bed, as Walter has finally settled down and found his favorite resting spot, I curl up next to him for our gentler version of bonks – a simple touch from my forehead to his.

Noozles and bonks, bunny style.

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  1. awwww; that made me a little teary-eyed.