Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Bunny

Today’s a very important day: it’s Walter’s birthday! My little bunny turns a year old today; he’s definitely a grown up rabbit now.  We’re celebrating with an extra-large helping of greens and a few nibbles of carrots.  I’m not sure if he’s being an attention-hog because he knows it’s his birthday today, or if that’s just his general narcissistic nature.

It’s been an adventure with Walter.  I haven’t had him for quite a full year yet, but it certainly feels like it.  We’ve gone through a lot together: I had to learn how to care for and train a stubborn bunny, and he had to learn how to trust his new human companion.  I’m amazed at how much Walter has changed, especially in the last few months.

He’s gone from a wall-eating, floor-scratching, couch-pooping maniac to a snuggle-loving, binky-jumping, fort-napping house rabbit, who only occasionally eats the walls or scratches the floor.  He went from being allowed only highly-supervised out-of-cage time to being given complete apartment freedom while I’m away at work all day.  It seems like yesterday when I relished a two-second forehead scratch before Walter would run away. Now I’m begging Walter to get off my lap long enough for me to make dinner.

I’m proud of my little wascally wabbit, and look forward to what this next year brings our way! (Maybe another wascally wabbit?  We’ll see... that decision is on hold for now).

Happy birthday, Walter!

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