Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rabbit vs. Robot

As it turns out, Walter hates my computer.  I think he thinks it’s my new pet rabbit that I love more than him, or something.  Over the past few days, I’ve been spending much of my evenings on the computer (job hunting: a tedious, yet necessary task) and Walter has made it perfectly clear that he resents my time dedicated to this small, glowing machine.

He starts showing his discontent by hopping up on the ottoman and staring at me.  No, really.  Staring.  I can practically see a scowl on his rabbit face.  Sometimes I’ll ignore him, but sometimes I’ll put my laptop to the side and give him some forehead scratches.  Whenever I show him affection and attention, he melts into a puddle of bunny love on the ottoman.  The minute I turn my attention back to the internet, the scowling begins again.

It then progresses into a heavy display of “look at me!”  This ranges from Walter chewing on things he knows are off-limits to Walter putting on his best show of jumps and antics for my entertainment.  Both methods work: his bad behavior means I have to get off the couch to discipline him (fifteen seconds of attention!), and his binkying means I watch him and laugh at his silliness (fifteen more seconds of attention!).  These are only temporary measures, though, as I inevitably must return to my work on the computer.

Then comes the final plea for attention.  Walter hops on the couch and climbs into my lap into the small space between my body and the laptop. And he’ll just lie there for however long I let him. He gives me sweet little rabbit licks while I’m petting him, and begins nudging me and biting me when I stop, even for a second.  Sometimes he’ll bite the computer, just to show it who’s boss.

Do your rabbits ever go to great lengths to get your attention? What do they usually do?

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  1. Frank has definitely tried the chewing-on-things-he-knows-are-off-limit tactic. Mostly, though, that's his nighttime tactic (he sleeps in our bedroom). His daytime tactic is to ankle-chase and bite and mount our calves. (He is, sadly, not fixed.)

    I'm just starting to think he's acquired another tactic, though. It has to do with this spot near his lower right nipple that he licks somewhat neurotically. I don't know what started it (his vet doesn't know, either), but I'm starting to think that he's realized that if we see him doing it, we move in to distract him. (We don't want him doing it because sometimes his nipple gets irritated from it.)

    Rabbits are quick learners...

    Otherwise, he's not much for the crazy-antics tactic. He's too old for all that rabbit-silliness, I think.